Parent Information - Friends of Portrush Forest


There are many ways to be a Friend of Portrush Forest:

Joining the regular Wednesday morning parent group (9 – 9.45am) who help out with a wide variety of tasks in the Forest, including planting, weaving, weeding and pruning.

Helping Steven Hoepfner on most Mondays (11 – 3) as he works in the Nursery (behind the cricket nets) propagating plants, both for the Forest and school plant sales. A Lunch Time club has just started up with interested students, so more adult helpers would be great.

If you only have a few minutes to spare as you walk through, there's always a weed to pull or rubbish to pick up. If everyone does a bit, our Forest and the children who inhabit it, will thrive!

The Breezeway (next to OSHC) has a notice board for the Forest, as well as a locked box with some gardening gloves, buckets and trowels.


If you would like any more information (including the code for that box!), please contact ZiZi Emanuele - 0409 304 171

Keep watching this page for regularly updated information about how you can get involved.