The End of Year Celebration is a wonderful opportunity for staff, families and students to gather together to enjoy a community BBQ or picnic and watch each class present their performance item before the school breaks for the summer holidays.

This celebration, commemorates the year that has just passed with an evening of items prepared by each class.

Our celebration normally occurs in the late afternoon / evening and takes place on Devitt Oval. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner. Your child will sit with their class and be supervised by their teacher for the performances.

Information about what your child’s class will be doing and very basic costume requirements will be sent from your child’s teacher in the weeks prior to the event.

The highlight of the evening for the students is the Staff dance!

We look forward every year to seeing all our families at this annual celebratory event to end our year.

In 2024 the End of Year Celebration will be held on Tuesday 3 December and starts in the late afternoon, early evening (time TBC).