A message from the Chair

Please click on the photo of our current Governing Council Chair to read the message.

2023 Membership


  • Karen Muller: Chairperson / School Community Committee
  • Louisa Woods: Deputy Chairperson / OSHC Committee
  • Ben Opie: Treasurer / Finance Advisory Committee / Grounds Committee
  • Karen Corbett: Secretary / Sport Committee
  • Claire Dowling: Steiner Education Stream Committee
  • Ghazal Nabi: St Morris Unit Committee / OSHC Committee
  • Pip De Cure: Sport Committee
  • Simon Nield: Grounds Committee
  • Suzi Waechter: School Community Committee
  • Peter Clifford: Grounds Committee
  • Daniella Frullani: TBC


  • Brenton Conradi: Principal
  • Christine Stevenson: Children’s Centre
  • Cheryl Cousins: Staff Representative
  • Androulla Vagnoni: Assistant Principal (Term 1)
  • Natalie Carling: Senior Leader (Term 2)
  • Tarnya Adams: Assistant Principal (Term 3)
  • Tonia Doody: Deputy Principal (Term 4)

Governing Council requirements

As outlined in the Trinity Gardens School Constitution the Governing Council membership and election of members is as follows:

  • 11 elected parents / guardians of the school
  • 1 Principal of the school
  • 2 staff members, nominated from the school by election at a general staff meeting
  • 1 staff member nominated from the Children’s Centre by election at a general staff meeting
  • The election of council will occur by secret ballot at the A.G.M
  • Nominations will be requested through the newsletter

Sub-committees of council:

  • Finance
  • Grounds/SEMP
  • Steiner Education Stream Committee (SESC)
  • School Community and Fundraising
  • Sports
  • OSHC
  • St Morris Unit (SMU)