All students at Trinity Gardens School participate in 50 minutes of Physical Education a week with a specialist teacher.

Across the year levels, students regularly work with a partner or part of a team where they develop their cooperation skills. Play is the Way concepts are consistent with those taught by other specialist and classroom teachers. Play is the Way games are used in PE lessons at the beginning of each year to develop concepts such as “pursue your personal best, no matter who you work with”.

Early Years PE

The Early Years program strongly features Fundamental Movement Skills such as catching, throwing, dribbling, hitting balls and jumping. Students complete a Gymnastics unit each year that includes rolls, balancing, handstands and safe landings.

Years 3-4

The Year 3 to 4 program features the Play with Purpose model, this involves questioning students to develop their tactical awareness. Students learn how different sports are categorised into net/court, striking or invasion games. Then they investigate similarities and differences between each sport. Students then have the skills to transfer tactical awareness from one sport to another. Some of the sports we play in PE lessons include soccer, AFL, netball, basketball, cricket, T-ball, sofcrosse, golf, badminton, table tennis, hockey, volleyball and European Handball.

Years 5-6

Years 5 to 6 students have the opportunity to participate in a range of SAPSASA events. Students practice for the athletics carnival as part of their PE lessons. Trinity Gardens has won the SAPSASA Shield for our district with many students qualifying for the State Athletics Championships. TGS has a culture of hard work and learning with many students aspiring to make our school teams, more information about SAPSASA can be found here.