The St Morris Unit at Trinity Gardens School is a safe, secure and respectful learning environment for students with Disabilities.

Vision Statement

We believe that each student is a unique and competent learner that can be empowered to be actively involved in their school and their local community.  We believe that our students learn best when they are happy and confident.  We provide our students with high quality, personalised and engaging learning programs and we build trusting and collaborative partnerships with our families and the local community. 

Inclusive Education

Trinity Gardens School embraces diversity and has a strong commitment to Inclusive Education.  All students in the St Morris Unit are provided with opportunities for learning across a diverse range of settings including within equivalent mainstream year level classes, specialist classes and Steiner stream classes.

Criteria and Placement Process

Students with complex needs are considered for special options placement in The St Morris Unit after having been referred and assessed by the Department for Education Student Support Services team. 


Educators in the St Morris Unit provide a rich Communication Curriculum for all students that encompasses Intensive Interaction, Developmental Individual Difference Relationship Model, Assistive Technologies and Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems; including eye gaze technologies. 

Multi-Sensory Learning Environments

Research shows that students learn best when they are immersed in learning environments that provide opportunities for Multi-Sensory Integration and Multi-Sensory input.  At the St Morris Unit all learning opportunities are developed with this in mind.  Students at the St Morris Unit have access to varied Multi-Sensory Learning spaces both indoors and outdoors.  Students in the early years access Nature Play opportunities in the Portrush Forest and in the middle and upper primary years, this space is accessed for focussed STEM learning.

Through spending time in nature, children not only engage all their senses, but learn to better regulate their emotions, collaborate, socialise, gain self-confidence and build their resilience…..’ Nature Play S.A

Conductive Education

Conductive Education is integrated into all learning opportunities at The St Morris Unit.  Based on the foundation principles of building independence, using structure and rhythm; our students are provided with opportunities to further develop their gross motor strength and control through lying, sitting, standing and walking tasks.  They are also provided with opportunities to further develop their fine motor strength and control through circuit and upper limb strengthening tasks.  Communication and Self-care development is integrated into the Conductive Education program by qualified Conductors using student’s individual communication systems and goals are aligned to students One Plan.

Additional Programs

All students have the opportunity to attend weekly swimming lessons at The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre and The Aquatic and Recreation Centre (ARC).  Regular excursions are planned for and integrated into the Curriculum and include Ladies of Variety Events and local community access opportunities. 

The St Morris Unit and NDIS

The St Morris Unit can accommodate NDIS Service Provision/Therapy on site and during school hours.  The terms and conditions of this must be negotiated with the St Morris Unit Coordinator. 

*Please note all therapists will be requested to work with their client within the classroom setting. 


The St Morris Unit currently has three classes.  There are four Special Education teachers and one Coordinator.  All students are supported by School Services Officers and Health Support Officers/Nurses from the Access Assistant Programme who assist those with complex healthcare needs.

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