At Trinity Gardens School we are committed to providing a safe and enriching digital environment for our students.

Our school, embraces technology to enhance learning experiences and equip our students with essential digital skills.

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Cyber Safety

Ensuring the safety of our students online is a top priority at Trinity Gardens School   We understand the importance of teaching responsible digital citizenship and fostering safe online practices. 

To achieve this, we must educate students on topics such as online privacy, responsible social media use, and recognising and reporting online risks. We follow the Australian government’s eSafety Commissioner guidelines and provide resources from reputable Australian sources to support students, teachers, and parents in promoting a secure digital environment. 

Our content filtering system is designed to block access to websites and online content that may be inappropriate or harmful. It helps us prevent students from accessing materials that are not suitable for their age group or violate our school’s acceptable use policy. The filtering system is regularly updated to adapt to emerging online risks and to comply with relevant requirements.

Mixed Platform Approach

We believe in the power of choice and diversity when it comes to technology. We are proud to be a mixed platform school, offering a range of devices and operating systems to cater to the varied needs and preferences of our students. This approach encourages collaboration and fosters critical thinking as students learn to navigate different platforms seamlessly. Whether it’s Windows or iOS, our students gain experience across a variety of devices, preparing them for the dynamic digital landscape.

Wireless Upgrade

To enable seamless connectivity and enhance digital learning opportunities, we have recently undergone an extensive wireless upgrade. This upgrade ensures that all our students have access to high-speed internet throughout the school premises, facilitating real-time collaboration, research, and digital exploration. Our reliable wireless network enables students to engage in interactive lessons, access educational resources, and communicate effectively with their peers and teachers.

Laptop Trolleys

To further support digital learning, we provide laptop trolleys in most of our classrooms. These trolleys are equipped with laptops that allow students to engage in hands-on activities, research, and complete assignments using digital tools. The availability of laptops in the classrooms promotes equal access to technology and encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

At Trinity Gardens School we offer a robust ICT infrastructure and fostering a safe digital learning environment. By combining our mixed platform approach, the latest wireless technology, and the provision of laptop trolleys, we strive to empower our students to become confident and responsible digital citizens.

Parent/Guardian Office365 Information Sheet

Cyber Safety Guidelines

For any information regarding ICT please contact our ICT Manager at: [email protected]

Daniel Keenan – ICT Manager