Value Statement

(Who we are)
Trinity Gardens School is a welcoming and safe learning environment
founded on respectful relationships, inclusion and a sense of belonging.
We provide expert care and education for children from Birth to Year 6.

Vision Statement

(What we are)
Our vision is to recognise and develop the individual qualities of the whole child.
We aim to foster their growth, development and love of learning
so that children can become positive contributors to the global community.

Mission Statement

(How will we do it)
We will:
Provide high quality, personalised and engaging teaching with authentic learning experiences.
Understand individual needs and wellbeing to cultivate the development of resilience and emotional intelligence.
Expect high standards for respectful behaviour and conduct.
Foster a culture in which every child’s contribution is encouraged, valued and celebrated.
Build trusting, collaborative partnerships with our colleagues, families and the local and global community.
Respect and connect with the local natural environment.