Trinity Gardens School nominates teams in both the Statewide (Knockout) Competitions and the Carnival Competitions.

The school is able to offer a wide range of sports due to teachers volunteering their time and significant funding. 

Statewide Competitions (formerly Knockout)

These competitions are spread out over multiple terms (depending on the sport) with dates and times for games agreed upon between competing schools within specific timeframes. Games are played during school hours.  As its name indicates, if a team wins, it continues into the next round until a loss occurs when they are then out of the competition. Knockout sports that Trinity Gardens School is involved in include:

Term 1 & 4  – Cricket

Term 2 & 3 – Australian Rules Football, Netball and Soccer

Term 4 – Tennis

Carnival Competitions  

Carnival Competitions are completed over one day and are a round robin or individual race/event.  Carnival Competitions are held during school hours. TGS teams compete in the following SAPSASA Carnival Competitions: 

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country Running
  • Swimming  

At a local level, Trinity Gardens School is in the Torrens River District, one of 40 districts across SA that schools are placed in (based on location).  Success at the Carnival Competitions in individual sports (Athletics, Cross Country & Swimming) may qualify your child to attend a State Carnival competition by being included in the Torrens River District Team. You will be notified if this occurs. 

Selection for TGS SAPSASA teams  

Selection for teams is based on skill and ability.  If there are not enough skilled Year 6 students available to make up a team, year 5 students may been given an opportunity. Trials are advertised to the students via the Electronic Day Book (Sentral) and where possible with time permitting, in the bi-weekly Newsletter. 

Year 4-6 (birth year eligible) students are able to compete in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming competitions and are selected based on times submitted (Swimming) and TGS competition times/results (Athletics & Cross Country). 

Students must demonstrate the ability to follow rules, be organised and adhere to the Sporting Codes of Conduct. Student behaviour should reflect school values (failure to do so will lead to non-selection). 

Students are expected to attend all training sessions where possible leading up to games/carnivals.

District Level SAPSASA – Torren River District

District SAPSASA is an extension of School SAPSASA and is not run by TGS. TGS nominates students to attend trials for District selection, approximately 4 students per sport are nominated to attend these trials. All schools within the Torrens River District send students to the trials so your child would be competing against students from across our District for selection to a team.


School selection has costs for each school team and varies anywhere from $10 – $30 depending on whether a bus is required or not.

District selection expenses range between $80 – $160. Selection means that your child will be out of school for up to 3-4 days (in some instances) at a venue somewhere in Adelaide. District selection for cross country, athletics and swimming only requires one day out of school time. Whether a 3-4 day carnival or a 1-day district carnival, it is the child’s parent responsibility to transport their child to and from the event.

State selection expenses are usually in the order of $1500 for air fares, uniforms etc. These generally run for a week and sometimes occur during school holidays.