At Trinity Gardens School we view the wellbeing of our staff and students as important as numeracy and literacy.

Berry Street

Over the past 3 years staff at Trinity Gardens School have been undertaking Berry Street training. We have completed 3 days of training in the domains of Relationships, Body, Stamina and Engagement. In term 3, 2023 we will complete the training by learning about Domain 4 – Character.

At the beginning of 2023 we implemented the Berry Street Agreement, which brings consistency across the whole site around expectations of delivery of program by teachers in mainstream classes and adapted to Steiner classes.

Teachers are expected to do a morning circle with the class every morning to allow students to check in and show if they are ready to learn. Brain breaks will be incorporated throughout the day to allow students to ‘code switch’ and re-engage with their learning. Teachers will have their doors open from 8.40am to allow students to transition from yard to class. In mainstream Year 3-6 classes, students will use Berry Street Diaries and staff will lead activities from their staff diary. In upper primary Steiner classes, this will occur as well. Emotional check ins will also occur after each break to support students with the transition from the yard back to class, and work through any challenges from the break.