The Arts lessons at Trinity Gardens School are taken by specialist teachers.

In the Australian Curriculum, The Arts is a learning area that draws together related but distinct art forms. While these art forms have close relationships and are often used in interrelated ways, each involves different approaches to arts practices and critical and creative thinking that reflect distinct bodies of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Mainstream Music

A balanced program includes listening to, responding to creating and analysing music from various times, places and cultures. Students engage in vocal, movement and instrumental learning activities, and have access to a wide variety of instruments from an exceptionally well-resourced music room. In regular whole-class lessons, students have the opportunity to learn instruments such as recorder, ukulele, tuned and un-tuned percussion, guitar, ocarina and glockenspiels. Through music students experience, explore, express themselves and the world they live in through music.

Students also have opportunities to take part in extra-curricula musical ensemble and dance groups such as the Percussion Group, the School Band, and Wakakirri. These groups are open to students of all abilities where additional learning and performance opportunities in music and dance can be undertaken.

Students can opt to take part in school choirs which are offered at Middle and Senior levels of the school. Students in Years 5 and 6 can take part in the South Australian Festival of Music Choir, which runs through terms 1 – 3 each year.

Mainstream Visual Art

Students draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations. Specialist teaching enables students to develop understanding of use and application of visual conventions as they develop conceptual and representational skills in a range of media. Students experiment with qualities of available materials, techniques, technologies and processes, combining two or more visual arts forms to test the boundaries of representation.

Lessons explore a diversity of ideas, concepts and viewpoints as they make and respond to visual artworks as artists and audiences. Students learn ideas and inspiration from other artists, artworks, symbol systems to extend their understanding of how and why artists, craftspeople and designers realise their ideas through different visual representations, practices, processes and viewpoints.

Mainstream Drama

In Drama students explain how dramatic action and meaning is communicated in drama they make, perform and view. They explain how drama from different cultures, times and places influences their own drama making.

Students work collaboratively during lessons as they use the elements of drama to shape character, voice and movement in improvisation, playbuilding and performances of devised and scripted drama for audiences.

Steiner Program

Please see the Steiner page for information here.