Science is a specialist subject at Trinity Gardens School. Reception to Year 6 mainstream classes attend the science specialist area for part of their science learning each week.

Our Science room is a well-resourced learning space and learning integrates experiences and current technologies to contextualise scientific exploration. Science learning is complemented through the use of our site-based Portrush Forest and gardens as well as our partnership with external organisations and industry.

Our Science program is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and covers the three interrelated strands:

Science Understandings:

  • Biological science
  • Physical science
  • Earth and Space science
  • Chemical science

Science as a Human Endeavour:

  • Nature and development of science- developing an appreciation of science and scientific knowledge, including how current knowledge has developed over time through the actions of many people.
  • Use and influence of science- exploring how science knowledge and applications affect peoples’ lives, including their work, and how science is influenced by society and can be used to inform decisions and actions.

Science Inquiry Skills:

  • Actively posing questions, making decisions, designing and planning experiments, conduct fair testing, discussing, collaborating, communicating results and justifying answers and explanations. 
  • Students engage in explicit teaching, hands-on exploration, Inquiry, investigative tasks, skill development and STEM enhanced topics to support student engagement and understanding. Literacy and Numeracy development is embedded through contextualised learning activities.
  • Science learning is enhanced through a range of short and long-term links to STEM projects, Nature Play, KESAB, Green Adelaide, Oliphant Science Awards, the AuSSI SA initiative (Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative), annual National Science Week activities and incursions with visiting specialists.