During the early part of 2015, our two ovals were transformed into diverse, adaptable, play and learning spaces.

Working with landscape artist, Evette Sunset, representatives from the school community (students, staff and parents) took part in a series of co-design forums. Hence the birth of our Portrush Forest!

We are very excited about our forest, and have been amazed at how well the plants are growing. Every day we are discovering new ways to learn and play in the space. Koalas have begun to visit and take shelter in the Forest’s gums. As the new trees establish and spread their canopies and the understory and groundcovers take shape, we are only beginning to imagine the rich experiences our Forest might provide our students in the future.

Trinity Gardens is building a tradition of recognising the amazing asset that we have committed to establishing at this school as we celebrate the birthday of our Forest every year. This oasis of living diversity reflects the ambitions we have to nurture something special, not just in the children we educate, but in the environment we wish to expose to them to.

Nature supports human existence. When most of us live in a city, we sometimes forget this. Having a forest is a way of reminding us, connecting us, educating us – but most of all hoping that our children will value all life. Portrush Forest helps to clean the air, is our small contribution to managing carbon dioxide levels and climate change, and exposes our children to plant sensory chemicals known to boost well-being. 

We have much to celebrate! To grow a forest is like growing a child – there are challenges, setbacks and the difficulties of managing outside influences. However, we also celebrate and have great optimism for the future. We hope our forest will be strong, healthy and resilient, as we hope our children will be. Each year of growth carries us closer to fulfilling the potential found in all life, we guide, nurture, protect but most of all we need to appreciate what can be. We all need vision to see this better future, we need to commit to be the change that can be and we use birthday celebrations to remind of the potential we nurture.

The perimeter of Devitt Oval also received a make-over, with exercise equipment, a sandpit and a bicycle track nestled within wonderful plantings.

Plant a forest that would offer something for everyone, including plants and animals.