Q: How is numeracy addressed in the Steiner curriculum?

A: Numeracy education within the Steiner stream at Trinity Gardens encourages the development of mathematical concepts through experiential and practical learning activities. Rather than relying solely on traditional approaches such as memorisation of multiplication tables or solving equations, Steiner schools use storytelling, hands-on activities, and problem-solving tasks to engage students in learning. The Steiner approach also emphasises the use of imagination, creativity, and intuition in the learning process, helping students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Numeracy education in the Steiner stream is seen as an integral part of a well-rounded education that addresses the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the child.

Q: Is numeracy taught separately from other subjects in Steiner education?

A: Yes and No. Numeracy is integrated into the broader curriculum in Steiner education as it is interwoven throughout the Main lessons. Explicit instruction in numeracy is also taught in what are known as ‘practice’ lessons.